Job vacancies that pay well – The best sites to find


The search for jobs With a good salary, it's easier on the internet. Digitization has grown a lot in recent years. Therefore, find job vacancies online It's something many people do now.

Research shows that hiring online will increase significantly, even after the pandemic. Therefore, it is vital to know the best tools and specialized websites to find jobs that pay well.

Knowing where to register your CV and be seen by recruiters is essential. The digital world is the ideal place to match talents with opportunities.

With the digital transformation accelerated, companies now use online selection processes. This helps reach more candidates across the country.

This change has brought facilities to job seekers, with modern digital platforms.

The growing importance of online interviews

To the video job interviews are increasingly common. They help companies to be more efficient. This way, recruiters get to know candidates without a physical meeting, which also saves time and money.

How the job search has adapted to digital platforms

The online job search has improved a lot. Now, there are websites with useful tools for both job seekers and job seekers. They have advanced filters and skill tests. Thus, the experience of searching for a job on the internet became more effective and positive.

Sites specializing in advertising high-paying vacancies

You job vacancy websites are vital. They match professionals with ideal job opportunities. O Infojobs, Catho It is Indeed stand out for the diversity of jobs. O LinkedIn also, as a professional social network, it offers high-quality vacancies.

  • Gupy: Uses artificial intelligence to improve recruitment, benefiting candidates and companies.
  • CIEE: Focused on internships and young talent, it helps students enter the job market.
  • Work Brazil: Centralizes vacancies from various sources, being a great generator of opportunities.
  • It has an efficient system for selection processes, with well-paid job opportunities.
  • Jooble: Brings together vacancies from multiple job vacancy websites, making the search easier.

You job vacancy apps are very useful. They offer practicality when searching for a job. With these tools, professionals explore opportunities and save time. The possibility of finding rewarding and well-paid work increases.

Professional networking: LinkedIn and other social networks as recruitment tools

O LinkedIn is essential nowadays for anyone who wants expand your professional horizons. It is not only used to maintain contacts, but also to look for jobs.

With it, it's easier to send resumes and speak directly to recruiters. Therefore, it is a valuable resource for finding work.

Using LinkedIn to expand professional opportunities

Use the LinkedIn Growing professionally doesn't just mean creating a profile. It is important to interact with the community and companies.

Networking here allows you not only to look for jobs, but also to learn in groups, share ideas and receive recommendations. All of this helps with career development.

The evolution of LinkedIn and Premium features

O LinkedIn it always gets better. Over time, it gained Premium features. These tools let users contact people outside their network, understand who views your profile, and learn how recruiters think of you. This expands your reach and helps improve your job search.

InMail MessagesAllows contact with recruiters and industry leaders without the need for a prior connection.
Who viewed your profileOffers insights into who is interested in your skills, expanding networking opportunities.
Advanced analyticsProvides an in-depth understanding of how your profile is found and viewed, facilitating continuous improvements.

Job vacancy applications and platforms

The advancement of technology has created many job applications. They made it easy to search and apply for jobs via mobile. With them, you can send your resume and filter which vacancies are available in your city.

App – Regionalized search and selection tests

O is well known for matching people to jobs across Brazil. This app allows searches based on your location, making it great for those who want to find a job in specific cities.

Infojobs App – Free and paid access with additional features

At the Infojobs, it's easy to post your resume and it's available for free or in a paid version. The paid version offers extra benefits, such as courses and in-depth analysis of your profile.

Catho – Navigation between a wide base of job offers

A Catho There are many vacancies and you can search for them both on the website and on the app. Its tool has several filter options, which helps you find jobs that match your profile and skills.

PlatformAccessAdditional ResourcesRegionalized Search testsYes
InfojobsFree/PaidTraining course, profile analysisNo
CathoPaid outVarious search filters, salary listNo

Strategies for sending your resume and increasing visibility

In a competitive market, standing out makes a lot of difference. Right strategies for send resume are essential. This is especially true for those who want to work in sales or other areas.

Now, increasing visibility in the job market is crucial. This helps you land your dream job.

How to highlight your CV on specialized websites

Using the right keywords is key. They must fit what companies are looking for. This way, your resume will attract more attention.

Adapting your resume to each vacancy shows that you really care. This impresses recruiters.

The impact of the resume viewed on the hiring process

Seeing who looks at your resume can give you important tips. Job sites notify you when someone views your profile. This helps improve your strategies.

Knowing when and how to send your resume is easier with this information. This improves your visibility to potential employers.

Use of keywordsOptimization for search systemsAdequacy of descriptions to the requirements of the vacancy
Resume customizationDemonstrates specific interest in the positionAdapting the experiences listed to the job description
View trackingUnderstanding the recruiter’s interestUsing feedback to realign application strategies

Remote jobs: Finding remote job openings

The interest in work remotely grows more and more every day. Platforms like Jooble It is Indeed stand out in this scenario. They offer advanced search capabilities, allowing you to search for home office vacancies according to each person’s profile.

When looking for home office vacancies, it is crucial to pay attention to the details of opportunities. Clear descriptions of roles and requirements help a lot. They make the selection process more efficient, ensuring a positive adaptation to the model of work remotely.

  1. Actively look for opportunities on platforms like Jooble.
  2. Use search filters to find vacancies that match the candidate's skills.
  3. Read reviews about the company and the vacancy to understand the work environment and expectations.

Platforms, such as Jooble It is Indeed, also offer valuable tips. They include advice for online interviews and ways to make your CV more attractive to home office vacancies.


The job market has changed a lot and this affects how we find jobs online. New technologies provide tools to find opportunities. These opportunities not only pay well, but help with personal and professional growth.

Candidates who follow the tips in this article are more successful. They know how to explore the many possibilities of the internet to look for a job.

The internet offers several ways to find work. Specialized websites, applications and contact networks are very useful. Thus, it is possible to find jobs of all types, from local to global.

It is important to stay on top of trends and adapt to new ways of recruiting. Using digital tools correctly makes all the difference today. They are important for anyone who wants to stand out in the job market and be recognized.