Vacancies at Work Brazil – How to find vacancies on the website and send your resume

In the intense job market, Trabalha Brasil stands out. It's great for anyone who wants to know how to find job openings. And also for those who want to send their resume online easily and safely. The platform brings together companies and candidates. It is managed by Banco Nacional de Empregos Ltda. This makes it simple to sign up for […]

Jobs on Jooble – How to find jobs step by step

Looking for new professional opportunities at first can be challenging. But, with some strategies, this journey becomes easier. The first step is to choose how to register on job applications. This way, you start targeting the right opportunities. Today, sending a resume online is common. So, learning how to make an online CV […]

Vacancies at the National Employment Bank – How to find vacancies on the website and register

Many Brazilian professionals need jobs. For them, learning how to use job applications is crucial. The National Employment Bank (BNE) is a great tool in this regard. With it, you can create your CV online and apply for various vacancies in a simple way. Positive experiences from users like Beatriz and Aila show that […]

Jobs on Glassdoor – How to find jobs on the website and app

Today, knowing how to find job openings is crucial. It is not enough to have qualifications. We also need to know online platforms. Glassdoor is essential in this context. It brings together several job offers with tools to understand the market well. This makes it essential for job seekers who want to better understand the company where they are going to work. For […]

How to Make Money Playing Subway Surfers: Tips and Tricks to Monetize Your Game

Subway Surfers is a mobile electronic game that has gained more and more players around the world. With simple and addictive gameplay, the game consists of running along the subway tracks, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. But did you know that it is possible to make money playing Subway Surfers? In this article, we will explore some […]

Make Money with Invoice: Tips and Strategies

Earning money with invoices is a practice that has become increasingly popular in Brazil. The idea is simple: by requesting the inclusion of your CPF or CNPJ in the invoice for your purchases, you can receive back part of the amount spent in the form of credits or cash. This practice is known […]

Earn Miles with Nubank: The Easiest Way to Accumulate Points

Nubank is a financial technology company that offers various services to its customers, including credit cards. One of the advantages of the Nubank card is the possibility of accumulating miles to use for travel and other benefits. To earn miles with Nubank, the customer must have a company credit card and […]

Lucky Money: What is it and how does it work?

The practice of giving money as a gift is common in many cultures around the world. In Brazil, this tradition is known as β€œLucky Money”, where money is given as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Lucky Money is often given on special occasions such as weddings, graduations and birthdays. It is considered a […]

Tree Identification App: Find the Right Species Quickly

An application to identify trees can be a useful tool for those who want to learn more about the local flora. With the help of technology, it is possible to identify different species of trees through photos and detailed information about their characteristics. This solution can be especially useful for students, biologists, botanists and nature lovers. To the […]

Photos with pregnant effect: Tips for an incredible photo shoot

Pregnant effect photos, also known as β€œfake pregnant photos”, have become a popular trend on social media. Many women who are not yet pregnant or have already had children are experimenting with this type of photography to create fun and creative images. These photos usually feature the woman with a fake belly, made […]